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Jelzáloghitel-igénylés egyszerűsítése és digitalizációja agilis megközelítéssel

A Deloitte Digital a CIB Bank csapatával közösen kidolgozta a jövőbeli kívánatos jelzáloghitelezési folyamatot, majd a fejlesztési ötletek megvalósításába kezdett.

Deloitte Digital és Salesforce globális együttűködés

A Deloitte a Salesforce.com stratégiai partnere. Több mint 2600 szakembert foglalkoztató globális hálózatunkban eddig 900-nál is több projektet hajtottunk végre.

Deloitte Digital Data Deep Dive szolgáltatási területek

A Deloitte Digital Data Deep Dive termékei kis-és középvállalkozások számára segítenek a kereskedelem, a marketing és az értékesítés adatalapú fejlesztésében.

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Milyen egy jó hűségprogram?

A digitalizáció alaposan megnehezíti az ügyfelek megtartását, hiszen a világhálón könnyű jobb ajánlatot találni. 

Digital Banking Maturity 2020 felmérés
Hatalmas a hangsúly a digitalizáción, de még így is lemaradók a magyar bankok
Online preferenciak

Időugrás az ügyfelek online preferenciáiban

Az új normalitás a pénzügyi szektorban – “Az ügyfelek hangja” kutatás eredményeinek összefoglalója

How we work?

It all starts here. At the heart of designing experiences lie the behaviors, motivations, and preferences of our clients’ customers. Through Customer Strategy & Applied Design, we help our clients go from discovery to delivery, unlocking innovative customer growth in a digital world.

Growing connectivity, competition and consumer power, “disrupt others before you are disrupted” means new engagements, new products, new business models, organizations, and ecosystems. Digital strategy helps companies identify new growth opportunities and potential disruptive threats that result from exponential change (“where to play”), and helps companies determine how to leverage digital capabilities in new and different ways (“how to win”) to succeed and flourish in a digital era.

Market disruption and increasing consumer power has forced companies to compete in a new arena: Customer Experience. Turning this into business advantage requires a truly customer-centric strategy, design, and technology that runs throughout the entire organization.

Experience is at the heart of the human condition. It’s how we learn. It’s how we live. It changes us. We believe that humans retain more from an experience than from things. How we feel is what sticks with us. Based on this we help clients turn brand values into measurable business growth through personalized content, communications, and experiences that engage and inspire customers to act. And in doing so, we help transform marketing and operations into modern, data-driven, creatively focused marvels.

We work with CMOs to bring powerful ideas to life. We build brands, launch new products and services, and help our clients acquire new customers.
We work with CMOs and Marketing leaders on the impact of their marketing and advertising. We help them drive substantially increased and measurable value by enhancing their marketing and media operating models, processes, technology platforms, and their use of supporting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data, analytics, creative and content. Working closely with clients and brands, we help them more effectively engage with – and market to – the full funnel of audiences and their existing set of identified customers.
We help clients define and realize their long-term commercial growth strategy through implementation and operation of global B2C and B2B platforms. Our differentiated and competitive data-driven customer experience enables our clients to connect with their customers through commerce, driving meaningful, positive, and brand-building outcomes.

Our ambition is to be the best in the world at driving customer transformation. How? By designing and implementing sales, service  and employees experiences, capabilities, and architectures to bring customer strategies to life. We help make the “creative digital consultancy” real and in doing so, make new markets.

Smart business starts with a smart core. New technologies and competitive pressures impose mounting client urgency to digitize everything throughout the organization, including challenging legacy core functions. Implementing digital solutions specifically focused on Finance, Supply Chain, IT Infrastructure and Organization Management is a Digital Enterprise imperative.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. It is the enabler of digital transformations let it be in any industry or in any area of the business of B2B or B2C, meanwhile as a global strategic partner, our services include consulting, implementation and after sales. We have wide Salesforce capabilities globally, which can help you connect to your customers, suppliers, and partners to inspire engagement, preference, and brand loyalty. Click here to find out more about our global alliance.

Our team


Schenk Tamás

Tamas Schenk

#digitalTransformation #agile #efficiencyImprovement #productDevelopment #digital #strategy #retailBanking

Meet Tamas!

Tamas has long track record of leading innovation and driving productivity across customer facing and back-office operations. Experienced in optimizing performance across the economic cycle both at incumbent and start-up banks. With being the leader of the digital transformation of a regionally significant Hungarian bank, he has experience with the challenges of the cultural, technical and operational aspects of the digital transformation in Banking and Insurance.

Komjáthy Csaba

Csaba Komjathy

#ITConsulting #ITRisk #IToperation #systemimplementation #SAPAuthorization

Meet Csaba!

Csaba is a Partner at our Advisory service line, leading IT Risk and Technology Advisory services in Hungary. He has more than 12 years of experience in IT consulting and audit services and 5 years of experience in IT operation. He has led several system implementation, IT cost benchmarking, IT due diligence, feasibility, vendor selection, IT Risk and Compliance and SAP Authorization projects, primarily in the banking, utility and pharma sectors in Hungary.

Customer Strategy and Applied Design

Drácz Dániel

Daniel Dracz

#omnichannel #PSD2 #openbanking #beyondbanking #ecosystems #smarthealth #insurtech

Meet Daniel!

With 6 years of experience at Deloitte, Daniel has seen many angles of the financial services growth agenda from corporate strategy through sales effectiveness till omnichannel solution development. In the past years he has been focusing on client-facing digital topics such as PSD2 propositions, beyond-banking solutions and large-scale banking digital transformation programmes.

Német Annamária

Annamaria Nemeth

#digitalbanking #neobanks #financialsector #fintech #digitaltransformation

Meet Annamaria!

Annamaria is an experienced consultant leading projects in the financial sector. She is focused on digital banking and digital transformation related topics (e.g. agile, digital product development). She has worked at Europe’s most valuable fintech (N26) and she is highly interested in challenger banks and innovations in the financial sector.

Szekeres Fábián

Fabian Szekeres
Senior Consultant

#PSD2 #SCA #OpenBanking #onlinepayments #BeyondBanking

Meet Fabian!

Fabian is a member of the Hungarian Deloitte Digital team with a focus on digital platforms and digital payments brought about by Open Banking and PSD2. He has delivered projects that centred on conceptualising an online banking platform and has held PSD2 trainings in the past.

Advertising, Marketing & Commerce

Bánhegyi Csanád

Csanad Banhegyi

#digitalmarketing #digitalcommerce #advertising #branding #contentmarketing #leadgeneration #funnelstrategy

Meet Csanad!

With 14 years of experience gained both in agency and corporate environments in various industries Csanád has proven track record in branding and marketing with a significant specialization in digital marketing technologies.

Csanád is the Director of Marketing at Deloitte Hungary overseeing the brand and communication strategy, marketing initiatives and digital channels along with conversion rate optimization.

Digital Customer - Salesforce

File Ágnes

Agnes File

#salesforce #salesefficiency #enterpriseCRMsolutions

Meet Agnes!

Ágnes is the Leader of the Salesforce practice at Deloitte Digital in Hungary. She has over nine years of experience in implementation of different technologies for websoftwares, CRM, mobile, sales support and customer service, mostly for manufacturing, energy, retail, commerce industries. At Deloitte Digital she builds the Salesforce practice, which assists clients in implementing Salesforce.com technology to support digital transformation of enterprises.

Holenda Balázs

Balazs Holenda
Senior CRM Expert

#CRMExpert #CRMStrategy #digitalTransformation #marketingAutomation #customerAnalytics

Meet Balazs!

Balázs is a senior manager at Deloitte Technology Advisory Services. He is specialised in IT systems integration and implementation in the telecommunications, energy and finance industries and has almost 15 years of experience in technology consulting with top tier consulting firms. Previously he was responsible for ERP and CRM systems implementation, data migration and integration projects in cooperation with offshore delivery centres. He is a registered PMI PMP, APMG Agile Project Manager and a Certified Scrum Master.

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Daniel Dracz

#omnichannel #PSD2 #openbanking #beyondbanking #ecosystems #smarthealth #insurtech

What is a typical work day for you?

Sometimes I feel it is a constant race against time. As we work hand in hand with our clients, we spend at least half of the day doing workshops or one-on-ones with various stakeholders. It is a delicate balance: on the one hand you want to remain productive, on the other, though, you want to make sure that stakeholders are understood, aligned and the output is a joint product leveraging on the best of us and them.

Nevertheless, I try to make sure we always have time for some good dolce vita lunch, over which we can just release or minds and talk about how to make the world a better place. It gives a motivational boost for the rest of the day, too.

What makes Deloitte Digital so special?

I believe it is this super-versatile together of people with different backgrounds and expertise. We work together as a digital squad: we do digital customer strategy, some guys are expert in service design, others are data-freaks, UX/UI experts or Salesforce heavyweights. When all these people come together, it is a 360-degree-perspective that we look at the client’s issue and similarly, it is an end-to-end solution that they get.